What is this? this site is a place for Maxim and Will to share comics with the world. They have challenged themselves to post a comic on every Sunday henceforth. We liked reading comics in the paper on Sunday, we hope to do the same for you.

Who are we? will and maxim are renegade comics artists that met in maine. they like to cook a lot.

History? In early 2020, in an effort to draw more, Maxim and Will challenged each other to draw a comic every day and share it with one another. We wanted to turn some of our comics into something more polished and for all the world to see. we hope you like it.

Why spugeti? We love a spugeti carbunaruh


This is an approximation of what Will (he/him) looks like on the outside. on the inside is anybodies guess.

you can see more of Will’s artistic projects here.


This is an abstraction of Maxim (he/they). he enjoys watching cartoons, dnd, and cooking.

you can follow him on twitter or instagram.